Nos engagements

  • realistic body shapes and measurements. Our models are our image, so they have fairly standard heights and weights. This makes it very easy for you to imagine yourself in our clothes and accessories!

  • lights, volumes and colors faithful to reality. So you always receive items that match what you ordered!

  • precise measurements for each piece. With that and your measuring tape at home, it’s impossible to go wrong!

  • creators selected for their unique style and their human qualities. Above all, we are committed to collaborating with inspiring, passionate and caring people. For us, know-how must rhyme with interpersonal skills!

  • precise information on the designer's approach to a different Fashion: the history of his brand, the composition of his pieces, their location and manufacturing conditions. The traceability you dream of, as a conscious consumer that you are!

  • a commitment and a desire to favor noble, natural and/or organic materials while avoiding synthetic ones as much as possible. We believe that beautiful must rhyme with good!

  • vintage selected for its quality which bears the traces of time - and therefore some imperfections - but of which we take great care by washing, repairing, ironing and perfuming each piece for you. The vintage luxury version!

  • “Hipli” packaging, reusable up to 100 times, which allows you and us to concretely reduce your environmental impact. What more ?!

  • fair prices for you, for the creators and for us. Equity as a key value!

  • and therefore fair balances: targeted and consistent. Our collections, our work and that of the creators are not to be sold off!

  • and finally - and not least! - a unique e-shop that we imagined
    for you, like a real store. A space that we completely embody by purchasing, storing, shooting and staging each piece!