Les Tricots Marcel, French know-how

This is a brand that has stronghis convictionsand D'a well-controlled commercial strategy, managed torelocate all knitwear production to France! And that's very fortunate because the Marcel was indeed inventedIn France, more precisely inthe Halles of Paris, in1860, bya handlerwho, hampered by his sleeves,cut themto find freedom! There are legends which ultimately have very simple geneses!

Marcel Eisenberg, a hosier from Roanne, took hold of the idea andlaunches mass production. The model seduces,even women, to the point of becoming very quicklyiconic! After a relocation in the 1980s, it was thanks to the companyLes Tricots Marcelthansince 2019, confection becomes againlocalbut is now happeningin small series!

A confectionluxuriousmade fromPima cotton yarns, spun in Greece and knitted and dyed in the traditional way, in Roanne. At Tricots Marcel,traceabilityEasttotal, the making100% made in Franceand theperfect value for money. By offering you our selection ofbeautiful timeless mixed, together we contribute to making people live for a long timethis little piece of French heritage!