Pourquoi proposer du vintage ?

While we could very well have been satisfied with our designer selection , given the time and energy devoted! Because we are crazy about Vintage and have been for a long time! But not necessarily always for the same reasons!

Alexis looks for the traces of time - sometimes imperfections, because they are what tell the story of a garment - solid materials , quality manufacturing . Orélie seeks more of a playful aspect with cuts and prints that signify an era , a style that she doesn't find anywhere else. On the other hand, where we come together is on this passion for finding pieces of character, unique , that very few of us - or even the only ones - will wear!

Then, about the joy of having the right eye , in a warehouse, a shed, a second-hand store and spotting THE piece among thousands of others! And finally of course, on the ecological and anti-waste dimension , that goes without saying! In our opinion, the most eco-friendly clothing is the one that -already produced- crosses the decades and is worn, postponed and postponed again . What we also like is making it accessible . By taking it out of its often humid and dusty (not to say sometimes dirty!) universe and sublimating it, “reimproving” it to make it an object of desire .

So understand the many steps necessary and always carried out by us : china, disinfectant washing, careful repair if necessary, ironing, spraying with an eco-designed perfume for textiles, careful storage, stylization in agreement with our universe then sending it to your purchase. Yes, all this so that you can make the room of your dreams your own in just a few seconds , effortlessly! This is why we do Vintage on Draper !