Le Mont Saint Michel, quality workwear wardrobe

How to missthe iconic Breton brandMont-St-Michel with everything she wears likehistoryand likevalues!? Absolutely impossible for us!

She was also one of the first, if notthe first onethat we have selected. Mont-St-Michel is an heritage of more than 110 years of know-how in work clothing, revisited from 1998 byAlexander Milanwho decided to transform the brand intofashion, urban and modern label.

Their collections are known and recognized fortheir sought-after simplicity, their practical aestheticAndtheir remarkable solidity. And what's more, it offers rangesmixed, everything we dreamed of for Draper!

With Le Mont-St-Michel, we dothe committed choiceto offer you clothinghigh quality, manufactured forresist time and fashion. And who honor without superfluous artifice, theheritage workwearAndthe know-how of yesteryear!