Kestin, men's wardrobe with clean lines

That's because Alexis has been followinga long timeand ofvery close to the Kestin brand, always admiringtheir controlled volumes, that it seemed obvious to us to offer it to you here. Also because this brandScottish,founded in 2015 by Kestin Hare, is one of the only ones to offera complete men's wardrobemixingstreetwear, workwearhasheritage style.

At Kestin, the lines arepurified, the detailscared for, the materialsnobles. The founder's quest is attractive and noble:update vintageusingartisanal know-howof the best manufacturers in theUnited Kingdom, ofItaly, ofJapanandPortugalto create a garment thatlasts, always current.

Obviously this requirement extends intothe perpetual search for transparency, ofenvironmental commitmentand D'ethicson each production and manufacturing line, the factories being regularly successfully audited by experts fromQIMA ethics audit. And that's because Kestin strives to produce onlyin small seriesthat this bet is possible! This is why and how this brand represents for usa solid foundation,a sure value!