Ateliers de Nîmes, French jeans weaver

Popular belief would have it that jeans were invented in the United States, but that's not true! It is indeedIn Francearoundfrom the years 1557and more precisely toNimes; hence the name of the canvas:denim!

We already offer Vintage jeans, so why offer new ones? Becausewe deeply love denimand he becamea must-haveof our wardrobe. We then neededimperativelysubmit to3 criteria. First of all, a big one,very high quality canvas, Nextexemplary eco-responsibilityand finally,cuts and patinaswho bringone more!

A successful bet, it seems to us since Ateliers de Nîmes arethe only ones in the worldto offer paintings inorganic cottonmade witha 17th century technique-twisted yarn- which avoids the use of glues, solvents and saves75% watercompared to classic jeans.

We are therefore particularlyproudto collaborate withNimes workshopsto offer you the mostauthentic,Atunrivaled value for moneyand atundeniable style!